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International Intelligence Services has been conducting live continuing legal education courses throughout the United States for nearly a decade.  Attorneys from all over the country tell us that ours are the best cle courses they have ever attended.  

What makes our CLE courses unique?  The subjects.  Our CLE courses are related to private investigation, and specifically litigation support, on and off the Internet.  As licensed private investigators working primarily for the legal community, we are experienced in litigation support, including locating witnesses, judgment debtors, assets, heirs, and others.  Our cle courses include methods and resources for performing background investigations on individuals and business entities, and the compliance issues involved.  Our extensive use of the Internet and other electronic evidence gathering media is also translated into easily understandable instruction. 

Why do you need this information?  These CLE courses supply you with the information you need to make informed decisions about the investigations you undertake, and about the resources available to you and to opposing counsel.  You will learn enough to perform some of these investigations yourself, and to know how much you should be paying when you hire an investigator to do the work for you.

Thank you for considering International Intelligence Services for your continuing legal education needs.  

Continuing Legal Education

International Intelligence Services is a full service Professional Private Investigation Agency (WA #1384) based in Seattle.  We have affiliates and offices in

Del Mar, California
Orlando, Florida
Toronto, Canada
Mexico City, Mexico
London, UK

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International Intelligence services has been presenting approved live cle courses in 38 states over the past decade. 

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